Top Home Improvement Ideas That Increase Value

Are you thinking about selling your home in the future? If you want your home to fetch a good price in the market, you need to make a few improvements. Here are some of the top home improvement ideas that can increase the value.

1.Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the heart of your home. Of course, you shouldn’t go overboard with the improvements. Some of the things you can do include adding a fresh coat of paint, adding energy-efficient appliances, increasing the storage space and installing a grease trap. Find a reliable grease trap installation service. When you finally put your home in the market, buyers will start flocking there. Find a reliable kitchen remodeling service near you.

2.Bathroom Remodel

If you have a smaller bathroom, you can increase the value of your home by doing a remodel. Try adding the space or some energy-efficient accessories. Try to modernize the bathroom for a much better appeal.

3. Add Energy Efficient Windows

Nowadays, any buyers looking for a new home are interested in those with energy-efficient windows. That’s because you can save a lot of money on utility bills. Whether you choose triple or double glazing windows, make sure they have a higher energy efficiency rating for the best results. You can also replace your old roof or install a new roof. Your roof is the most important thing in your house and we make sure that is it good-quality. A roofing service knows what’s the best roof for your home.

4.Energy-Efficient Insulation

Does your home lack basic insulation? For instance, are there old doors that bring in a lot of hot or cold air? Well, you need to improve them accordingly. You need to modify your home to include energy efficiency options so buyers can flock when you put the home on the market. You should seal any cracks around the house and install newer HVAC models to avoid any further issues. Install it from a skilled air conditioning service.

You also include building a balcony to your home. It can also add significant value to your home. Find a custom decks company to build it. Another is, re-stucco your home. This can have a range of positive effects on your home, but best of all it can really increase its visual appeal. Find skilled stucco contractors to install it.

In addition, concrete driveways can also increase value to your home.

In conclusion, selling your home needs to be done as fast as possible and you need the best improvements for the best results. Consider these improvements to get the highest value for your home and sell it soonest.

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5 Spots You Should Clean In Your Kitchen All The Time

If you want your kitchen to remain tidy, there are a few spots you should clean every day. Here is what you need to know about those essential spots.

1.The Kitchen Sink

Did you know that the kitchen sink is one of the dirtiest places in your home? You need to clean it every day to keep your kitchen clean. It’s relatively easy to keep clean using vinegar or detergent. Don’t forget to disinfect with hot water to avoid any infections. If under the sink leaks and cause water damage, contact a water damage service near your area to clean it up.

2. The Counters And Stovetop

Make sure you wipe down the counters and stovetop at least once every day to keep your kitchen clean. Also, don’t forget to scrub them down thoroughly at least once every week. Leaving any crumbs or spills will leave the whole place looking untidy. It is also important to clean your kitchen’s hood. But sometimes we are struggling cleaning it because of some dirt is hard to remove. Hood cleaning in Oahu can help you clean your kitchen’s equipment.

3. The Kitchen/Dining Table

You should wipe down the kitchen/dining table every day or anywhere else you sit down to have your meal. Use a damp cloth to wipe the area clean. Leaving any food crumbs in this area will bring about a lot of ants that will be troublesome in your home.

4. The Kitchen Floor

When you are cooking or walking around, your kitchen floor is bound to become quite dirty. On the other hand, the area is prone to spills that might cause a huge accident if not taken care of. Therefore, clean the spills as soon as they happen to avoid any mishaps that might be too costly.

5. The Fridge

Your fridge might be the last thing you consider cleaning but it needs to be done. Make sure you switch it off first before you start cleaning then remove all the foodstuff inside. Clean it thoroughly and defrost any huge chunks of ice before returning everything inside. Make sure the trays are completely dry before packing all the food inside then switch it back on.

Cleaning your kitchen is to avoid dirt, bacteria, bugs, and pests. If your kitchen has pests and you can’t get rit all of it, call a pest exterminator to exterminate those pests.

It is also important to clean your grease interceptor. A grease interceptor pumping service can clean it properly.

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A Quick Road Trip Packing List

If you’re interested in going on a road trip, then you should know that it requires a bit more planning than simply jumping in your car and driving off. By improperly planning a road trip, you can run into severe problems such as running out of gas, not having enough drinking water or food, not being able to continue the trip due to a flat tire and no spare etc. So, to prevent your road trip from becoming a bust, we’ll now look at a quick packing list that will ensure you’re well prepared.

The first thing you should pack is enough food and water for everyone in the vehicle. It is extremely important that you pack foods that won’t spoil in the heat. It is best to pack sandwiches, packaged snacks, chips, water, juice, etc. Make sure that you pack more water than you’ll probably need since most people tend to get thirstier on a road trip. Also, if you’re taking a pet with you, make sure that you pack extra food and water for them as well.

Next, you should plan the route of your road trip and make sure that you know where every gas station is as well as every grocery, hotel, and hospital. You should take a physical map as well as your smartphone or digital devices that have a GPS or app such a Waze. This will ensure that you’re never lost, are able to find alternative routes if necessary and that you always know how far away you are from being able to get gas, food or overnight accommodation.

Lastly, you should always have a first aid kit in your vehicle as well as music and a couple of games to keep everyone occupied. This will ensure that the road trip is actually fun and not a bore.

You should also have a contact number of a tow truck service in case of any car-problem that needs to tow your car.

In closing, we have just looked at a quick road trip packing list. Once you’re properly prepared you’ll not only be safe but have a fantastic trip that you’ll want to repeat in the future.

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Signs Of Roof Damage

The roof is the most integral part of any residential and commercial building. If it is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced immediately to avoid further structural damage to your home or office. Here are some of the top signs of roof damage to look out for.

• Are there shingle granules in your gutters? Note that, shingles start shedding when they wear out so when cleaning your gutters be on the lookout for the granules because it’s a sign that your shingles need repair or replacement.

• Are there any absent, cracked or curled shingles? If you notice these, you need to plan for roof repair or replacement because they are almost at the end of their lifespan.

• Are the shingles wet, dark or dirty? If you notice these signs, it means the shingles have allowed moisture to be trapped inside so they need to be replaced immediately.

• Is there any staining on the interior walls or ceilings? There are many things responsible for causing discoloration on walls or water stains in the ceilings. However, the roof’s underlayment might be allowing moisture inside the roof structure causing such stains. You need to replace your roof to solve this issue.

• Is your roof deck sagging? Are the rafters or decking in your attic sagging? Well, if they are not straight and are wet because of leaking moisture. If it’s a small localized problem, you might do a simple repair to avoid an entire roof replacement. You can call a water extraction service if there’s a lot of water inside your house because of rain and flows out from the leaks of your roof.

• Is there any light coming from the roof in your attic? If you notice streams of light coming from the roof, it means your roof is damaged. When it starts raining, water will get into your attic through these openings. Check your shingles properly to ascertain whether or not they need replacing. If this happens on your deck’s roof, you should waterproof your deck so that it can’t be damaged quickly. Find a deck waterproofing service to do it.

If you notice any of these signs of roof damage, you can hire the best roofer to repair or replace your roof for the best results.

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How To Organize Your Home Office

Working from home is actually a great idea. However, things can turn very fast if you don’t have a proper organization. Here are some useful tips to help you organize your home office.

  1. Use containers for storing your office items. You should purchase containers in different sizes to store your office supplies such as markers, sticky notes, staplers and anything else. Putting everything out of sight is a great way to create a decluttered look.
  2. Create a mail station in your home office. Here, you will be able to control any paper coming into the office. You should create a folder for incoming or outgoing mail. That way, it’s easier to get to any document when you need it. Install an air conditioner to make your office cool and makes you more comfortable in doing work thingy. If you are living in Maui, I would recommend Maui ac repair, they have a skilled team to install it.
  3. Hide the electrical cords with markers or storage containers. If left out in the open, electrical wires often become a tangled mess. Even better, you can use tape to keep the wires straight to avoid any tangling. If there’s any problem within your wires at home just call electricians near you to be safe.
  4. Make sure your office table is completely organized. If everything is scattered, you are likely to lose a lot of productivity because of the mess. You should only store the things you need to use on the desk. As mentioned above, the storage containers will come in handy since you can store the things you are not using frequently. Also, it is important to maintain the cleanliness of your home office. Dust-free and pest-free. If you found pests like cockroaches and bed bugs, contact a bed bug removal company that has a safe treatment to exterminate pests.
  5. You should also keep a trash can nearby and clear it out frequently. If you don’t empty your desk drawers, they are likely to pile up with papers. Therefore, you need to keep a trashcan nearby so you can throw away anything you don’t need. If you have a shredder, make sure you empty it out frequently to avoid piling up. Finally, you should empty out your trashcan frequently to keep the place looking clean. You can also call a trash removal service to do it all for you.

With these home office organization tips, you can always enjoy working from a clean office.

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Duquettery, SF

Clearing out my cache here and thought I’d get this shoot up. It’s a shoot from spring, but I’m still feeling these textures year round. This is from the first time I styled with photographer Matt Edge and hair/make-up artist Patrick Eichler and started working with my dream team. The model is Evan Lorene with Ford, and this is shot in my own house! x

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My shoot of Rosy Strazzeri’s home on Design*Sponge!

If you have been redirected over here from the Design Sponge Sneak Peek or just from my excited announcements or through some shameless promotion – Hello!

This latest shoot was featured on Design Sponge this morning, to my pleasant surprise. Here are some extra shots from the home of prop and fashion stylist Rosy Strazzeri, her husband, Yanic Fridman, and their son Noah. This Victorian in Lower Haight is just a few blocks away from my own home. I’ve worked with Rosy occasionally on photo shoots, always blown away by the energy and creativity that comes out of just one person. Be sure to read her narrative about her place on Design Sponge!

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Boat guys

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