5 Spots You Should Clean In Your Kitchen All The Time

If you want your kitchen to remain tidy, there are a few spots you should clean every day. Here is what you need to know about those essential spots.

1.The Kitchen Sink

Did you know that the kitchen sink is one of the dirtiest places in your home? You need to clean it every day to keep your kitchen clean. It’s relatively easy to keep clean using vinegar or detergent. Don’t forget to disinfect with hot water to avoid any infections. If under the sink leaks and cause water damage, contact a water damage service near your area to clean it up.

2. The Counters And Stovetop

Make sure you wipe down the counters and stovetop at least once every day to keep your kitchen clean. Also, don’t forget to scrub them down thoroughly at least once every week. Leaving any crumbs or spills will leave the whole place looking untidy. It is also important to clean your kitchen’s hood. But sometimes we are struggling cleaning it because of some dirt is hard to remove. Hood cleaning in Oahu can help you clean your kitchen’s equipment.

3. The Kitchen/Dining Table

You should wipe down the kitchen/dining table every day or anywhere else you sit down to have your meal. Use a damp cloth to wipe the area clean. Leaving any food crumbs in this area will bring about a lot of ants that will be troublesome in your home.

4. The Kitchen Floor

When you are cooking or walking around, your kitchen floor is bound to become quite dirty. On the other hand, the area is prone to spills that might cause a huge accident if not taken care of. Therefore, clean the spills as soon as they happen to avoid any mishaps that might be too costly.

5. The Fridge

Your fridge might be the last thing you consider cleaning but it needs to be done. Make sure you switch it off first before you start cleaning then remove all the foodstuff inside. Clean it thoroughly and defrost any huge chunks of ice before returning everything inside. Make sure the trays are completely dry before packing all the food inside then switch it back on.

Cleaning your kitchen is to avoid dirt, bacteria, bugs, and pests. If your kitchen has pests and you can’t get rit all of it, call a pest exterminator to exterminate those pests.

It is also important to clean your grease interceptor. A grease interceptor pumping service can clean it properly.


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